Spring Sports

Varsity Soccer has begun for Spring! Check the school calendar for updates!

We'll see you at the games!

Clubs & Athletics FAQ

We believe sports is a critical element to high school culture and community building. Sports are beneficial both to the athletes on the teams as well as community members who cheer them on or support in other ways. It is a priority to build a successful sports program over the next few years. In late February, we will send a survey out to registered families to gauge interest in a variety of sports. From there, we will focus on the top 2 or 3 sports that may be offered next school year. We will accompany that with detailed descriptions of what we need in place to make it happen. From there, as a community, we can work together to secure facilities, coaches, and students who are interested. The more community support and involvement we have, the more sports we can offer.

Student voice and choice is just as important with extracurricular activities as it is with academics. Our goal is to create a high school experience that is tailored to our school community. We want our events, clubs, and activities to reflect the interests of our school community. Over the next few months, we will conduct surveys to determine what extracurricular activities to put in place for next year. Much like with sports, if enough students are interested in an activity, we want to make it happen by working together to put in place all of the required elements. Look for more info to come about sports and other activities.